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Founder President

Dr. (Smt.) Durgabai Deshmukh


Executive Committee*


Smt K Lakshmi



Smt Usha Kanda


Vice-President, Chennai:

Smt P Vimala


Gen. Secretary:

Sh P Purnachandra Rao


Addl. Secretary (Chennai):

Sh TK Ranganathan



Smt N Usha Reddy

Smt Bala P Bhavaraju

Smt AP Lakshmi

Smt Mary Achutan

Prof.Dr.Ms P Nagabhooshanam

Dr Veena B Swamy

Smt M Tripura

Smt Rekha Prabhakar



* as on 14 Feb 2013



Create a powerful force of thousands of Durgabais to empower women build the nation


Train earnest and efficient workers and harness their energies to provide cost effective and quality service to the middle class and the poorer sections of the society in the areas of health, education, rehabilitation and capacity building


  • The Co-ordination Committee meeting of all the units of Andhra Mahila Sabha at Hyderabad was convened on 5th May, 2010 to facilitate the sharing of ideas by the members of different units and to know the activities of the units

  • Andhra Mahila Sabha announces, with deep sense of sorrow, the sad demise of Sri Obul Reddy, Trustee of Andhra Mahila Sabha and the prime donor of P Obul Reddy Educational Academy on 30th June, 2010 at Chennai.


  • Dr Durgabai Deshmukh Memorial Lecture by Hon'ble Justice Sri B Subhshan Reddy, Chairperson, A.P State human Rights Commission in DDHRC auditorium.

  • Mega Medical camp at Durgabai deshmukh Centenary Village at Ibrahimpatnam.


Ph: 040-27615448, 27612342

Post: Andhra Mahila Sabha, Vidyanagar, Hyd -44



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